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State's drought is impacting local wildlife

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This bear was spotted on Halloween night in Plainville (WFSB) This bear was spotted on Halloween night in Plainville (WFSB)

This year's dry conditions have forced the state and numerous Connecticut cities to call for mandatory conservation efforts, but the drought isn’t just impacting people.

The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said some animals are a little less predictable during these kinds of conditions.

The drought also makes it difficult for some wildlife to survive, even though other animals are thriving because of it.

Just last week, on Halloween, a big bear was spotted in a Plainville neighborhood.

"My wife thought it was a neighbor across the street dressed up in a bear costume, but it was not, it was a bear,” said Dan Bucci, of Plainville.

Bears are just one of many animals being impacted by the drought.

During dry conditions, bears are a bit more likely to visit residential neighborhoods because the lack of water means their prey have limited options to find water, which means easy hunting for bears and other predators. 

"They might investigate things like the bird bath in your backyard a bit more or show a swimming pool that they saw in the neighborhood as part of their territories,” said DEEP Wildlife Biologist Jenny Dickson.

Dickson said the drought’s impact on wildlife doesn’t stop there.

A few other examples include mosquitoes breeding closer to homes because of less water in the wild, turtles and frogs struggling to survive with less available real estate, and restricted range for fish which impacts outdoorsmen.

Dickson said if people want to help they should try to conserve water whenever possible so that habitats are more secure when inevitable dry periods arrive.

Dickson said the state and towns should always be monitoring their conservation plans, not only after a drought hits.

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