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WFSB wants you to #BeKindon3

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It's over. The ballots have been cast. The votes have, for the most part, been counted.

For many, Campaign 2016 was one of the most stressful elections in recent memory.

Several recent studies found that one in four employees in the U.S. of all political preferences reported negative effects of election-related discussions at the office.

Another study said people were more likely to discuss politics in the workplace during this past election season than ever before.

It's even the time of when people start hearing about election stress disorder. Doctors said it's the result of getting frustrated, anxious, depressed and worried either before or after the election. The American Psychological Association found in its poll that the disorder effects 50 percent of people.

To alleviate some of those feelings, Channel 3 launched a social media campaign aimed at being kind.

Regardless of who voters picked, the sentiment was that the campaign became pretty nasty among candidates and voters alike.

That's why WFSB kicked off its Be Kind campaign on Wednesday.

WFSB crews will be all over the state making efforts to be kind.

They'll be looking to count on viewers to take up the mantel of a kindness revolution.

The hashtag to use is #bekindon3.

On Wednesday, Channel 3's Mark Zinni was out in the community, giving away free lunches to some unsuspecting people at McDonald's in Manchester.

"Well, you know, it's nice to spread some good cheer to the community. As customers come up and they receive that free meal - just the response that someone is buying the meal, you know, it's a happy occasion," said Tom Walsh, Manchester McDonald's owner, who also kicked in some free meals as part of a pledge to make someone smile.

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