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11.9.16 Carla’s Dessert Pumpkin Ravioli

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Carla’s Dessert Pumpkin Ravioli

From Carla's Pasta

Serving Size: 4 people


•1 package Carla’s Pumpkin Ravioli

•1 Tablespoon Butter

•¼ C Graham Cracker Crumbs

•1 Tablespoon Fresh Whipped Cream

•Candied Lemon Zest to taste

Dish Execution:

1.Melt butter in a hot skillet, add Graham Cracker crumbs

2.Cook Pumpkin Ravioli per direction on packaging and add to pan with butter and Graham Cracker crumbs

3.Stir or toss to coat pasta with butter.

4.Plate pasta and top with fresh whipped cream & candied lemon zest, serve.