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Students asking QU to change new logo

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A QU student started a petition to change the school's new logo (WFSB) A QU student started a petition to change the school's new logo (WFSB)

Quinnipiac University is getting some heat from students and alums over a new logo that it rolled out earlier this year.

It’s not so much the design, but rather the fact that the “U” in the word “University” is not capitalized.

The student, Brett Segelman, who started a petition to fix the logo said it comes down to grammar.

"This isn't a can of soda, this isn't a new Mac product, Apple product, it's a college, a nonprofit university. The focus needs to be on academics and the proper rules of English grammar, and I think if you see a logo with a lowercased proper noun, especially when it’s a school, I think it's sending the wrong message to a lot of people,” Segelman.

Segelman is a marketing major and started the petition calling on QU to make the change.

"I think they definitely could have put a little more time and effort in it. It's really bland and not even capitalizing the U makes us look pretty bad I think,” said student Alex Mills.

In a statement, Quinnipiac said “Our new brand identity a modern interpretation of the past university brand and does a much better job of representing who we are today, a nationally recognized university with a focus on creating extraordinarily well prepared professionals."

"I'm used to the normal logo, that's what we had when I came in freshman year 3 years ago.  It's different, definitely weird, but I don't think it's that big of an issue,” Genevieve Thomasset said.

As for its brand, the university said it’s moving forward, not backwards, but Segelman feels the reputation of the university will suffer if the lowercase “u” stays.

"Even though the administration has officially said that, I think if we make enough of a showing, our outrage, I think they might consider it change,” Segelman.

He said his petition has nearly 1,200 signatures and adds he’s hoping to get a chance to meet with the school’s president.

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