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Waterbury school board approves bus-tracking app

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Waterbury school officials are working on a potential bus-tracking app for parents (WFSB) Waterbury school officials are working on a potential bus-tracking app for parents (WFSB)

Parents in the Brass City will soon be able to follow their child’s bus from the palm of their hands.

On Wednesday, Waterbury’s Board of Education approved an app that will track school bus routes.

The school district has been working on the app for a while, but a school board member said she and parents pushed this to the forefront after a little boy was dropped off roughly 2 miles from his stop earlier this year.

"This will give more information to parents, make a better informed decision as to where the bus is, when do I have to be back, do I want to meet me student,” said Bob Brenker, of the Waterbury School District.

The app is billed as a user-friendly app designed to put parents at ease, and it comes at no additional cost to the school district or parents.

"My daughter was dropped off at the wrong stop at one time and it took an hour for us to locate her. If we had that app, it might help in trying to locate where the bus was and maybe her,” said parent Tina Hinman.

She said she’d be all for the bus tracking app.

The app would be free for parents and guardians who will have to create a password protected account, along with using their student’s school-issued ID number in order to follow the bus.

"This has been a complaint for a lot of years, the buses are late, we don't know where are kids are,” said school board Commissioner Karen Harvey.

Harvey pushed the app issue after hearing from a number of parents.

In September, a Durham School Services bus driver was fired after the driver dropped off a 5-year-old kindergartener, two miles from his actual bus stop.

"I'm an auntie, I've been waiting for my 5-year-old nephew and he's a half hour late and I'm like now I understand what parents are talking about,” Harvey said.

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