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Somers family claims wedding catering company stole thousand of dollars

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Somers family claims that wedding catering company owes them thousands of dollars (Craig family) Somers family claims that wedding catering company owes them thousands of dollars (Craig family)

A woman from Somers claims her daughter's dream wedding turned into a nightmare because of a catering company.

Alice Craig said the company not only canceled weeks ahead of her daughter's big day, it also refused to refund what she claimed to have paid.

"This should not have happened. That's it. It just should not have happened, and it's not fair," said Alice Craig who is looking to get more than $3,000 back from Groton-based Fresh Taste Buds.

It all started when Craig went on an online search for a caterer for her daughter Alysa and her partner Gina's wedding.

"I looked through Thumbtack and they listed a price range that I was looking for," Craig said. 

Fresh Taste Buds met Craig's price, and she signed a contract for two events totaling $4,500.

While the contract stated that payments are to be made by check or credit card, it was not long before Fresh Taste Buds owner Michael Sitaro emailed to ask if Craig would pay in cash.

"He was having trouble with the credit card company. They were charging him too much," explained Craig who was told that if she agreed, the company would knock off $700. "I said how could I pass that up?"

The first event was the pre-wedding party in July. She said it did not work out well.

"I'm not even sure that the rolls were cooked to be honest with you," Craig said.

The head of the catering company sent Eyewitness News a series of texts painting a different story.

"Fresh Taste Buds got rave review from Craig's family," wrote Michael Sitaro. "A month after that, they were on Thumbtack looking at new caterers."

Craig claimed she and her daughter did look on the website, but did not take any action.

"My daughter said 'it's not against anything for us just to see what's out there,'" she said. "'It's not like we canceled you.'"

In October, just three weeks before date, Sitaro wrote to Craig's wedding planner calling off his catering service. "We have decided that it would be best to go our separate ways."

He also mentioned in the email that his company would get a refund or see Craig's family in court.

Back to the contract, it said all payments and deposits made are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. It said nothing about which party that pertains to. Craig said she hired the wedding planner to sort things out, but Sitaro is not on the same page.

"They hired a so-called party planner who just basically made us cancel their event," texted Sitaro to Eyewitness News.

The wedding planner, Tina Burke said that Fresh Taste Buds management was "unprofessional, condescending and at times downright rude."

Michael Sitaro has a lengthy criminal record with convictions for larceny and violating an order of protection, according to records.

"I actually have an attorney taking care of this matter. That's all I'm going to say," Sitaro replied when Eyewitness News spoke to him on the phone and asked why there was no refund.

He did not provide the name of his attorney or a number to reach his legal counsel.

The wedding reception was held inside Powder Mill Barn in Enfield with the help of a new catering service that coast the Craig family $3,800. That brought the total she spend on catering alone to nearly $7,000.

In the end, Alysa and Gina said they shared a lovely wedding. However, Craig said she is out more than $3,000. No payment arrangement has been made.

Sitaro claimed that in his last conversation with the wedding planner, he was told Craig's attorney would get in touch with him.

In a Sept. 28 email from the wedding planner to Sitaro, she stated she had not heard from his lawyer.

"Please advise them to contact me," wrote Burke.

Craig said she plans to take this case to small claims court, but has little faith she will recoup her money from the business.

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