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Officials urge CT drivers to “get in winter weather driving mindset” ahead of the Monday storm

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Forecasts for snow during the Monday morning commute could present itself to be a hassle for commuters.

Communications Director for the Department of Transportation, Kevin Nursick told Eyewitness News that the state is prepared, and is advising drivers to take the necessary precautions.

"It's first couple of storms even if it's a dusting you have a lot of fender benders, a lot of crashes because people are just not in that winter weather driving mindset” said Nursick.

“So, if we can get the word out there now get them to flip that switch and get into winter weather driving mode."

The Department of Transportation began preparing for the upcoming winter weather last week, said Nursick, by pretreating some of the roads and bridges with a salt solution.

In addition to pretreating the roads, the Department of Transportation also has 634 plow trucks ready to go.

“We have an assortment of sizes and types of plow trucks, single plow trucks, weight trucks which have two plows and double weight trucks which have three plows on them,” said Nursick.

Despite clean and treated roads in the event of snow, Nursick says drivers need to exercise caution in all situations.

“You're a much safer driver if you're not in a rush when you're trying to get to work during a snow event,” said Nursick.