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Documents showcase more issues with Southington daycare

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Cheshire Country Day School in Southington is temporarily closed (WFSB) Cheshire Country Day School in Southington is temporarily closed (WFSB)

Recently, Eyewitness News reported on a Southington daycare closing because of an infestation of mice and mishandling of files, but more information shows that isn’t all.

Cheshire Country Day School closed last week, out of the blue, leaving parents scrambling to find childcare.

The owner cited various problems from mice in the building, to payroll fraud, but there were a host of other issues, according to several complaints obtained by Eyewitness News.

In one complaint, it says “a few weeks ago, a child was picked up and she had dried feces all over her bottom and genital area. On another occasion, child's diaper was not put on correctly."

"I'm a little startled to hear that a child walked away with a dirty bum like that,” said Katherine Murano, of Southington.

When the Office of Early Childhood made an unannounced visit this spring, they found the center in violation of the diapering and toileting policy.

"Staff was observed not washing her hands before changing a child and after she changed a child. Staff also did not wash child's hands before or after the changing,” documents said.

"I did walk in and see a change, put the baby and move to another change and immediately I said ‘you know you maybe should wash your hands’,” said Glenn Murano, of Southington.

Documents also revealed Cheshire Country Day School failed to maintain proper staff ratios, with one teacher to every four infants or toddlers.

In one letter, a parent said "It came to my attention that for two days this week there was only one staff member watching eight infants in my daughter's room, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is not only illegal, as I’m sure you know, but puts my daughter in jeopardy."

The owner, Asher Sussman, even sent an email to parents acknowledging the issue writing "the biggest issue here is the staff ratio...there is no excuse for it, but the fact is we are out of control when somebody calls out sick. I don't have fiveto 10 backups at any given time."

"I am glad that a lot of this did come to light because if you're not aware of it you get blindsided and putting your kids in an unsafe situation is not where you want to be,” said Katherine Murano.

The center also failed to comply with fire emergency procedures, even allowing children to re-enter the building after the fire alarm went off.

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