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Experts remind pet owners to keep animals safe during frigid weather

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As we bundle up to head outside...we also can't forget the toll the cold weather can take on our four legged friends.

Eyewitness News spoke to officials at the Rocky Hill Animal Hospital on Thursday to get some tips on how to keep pets safe when the temperature drops.

"It's pretty freezing so a good rule of thumb is if it's too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pets too,” said Dr. Edyta Hyrynkiewich, a veterinarian at Rocky Hill Animal Hospital.

She said if dogs need to go outside to use the bathroom, try to make it quick.

The same goes for walks. She said to keep it to just five to ten minutes.

"It's definitely better to keep it to a minimum and do it more around noon time when the sun is up,” Hyrynkiewich said.

Another thing to watch out for is rock salt or ice melt, as both can be dangerous for your pet.

"If they come back in and they lick that salt that we lay out in the sidewalks and on the driveways, that can be toxic to them,” Hyrynkiewich said.

Lastly, Hyrynkiewich said it is never a good idea to leave your dog in the car on a hot or a cold day. 

"If you take your dogs with you to the grocery store, don't leave them in the car. The car acts like a refrigerator so they can get really cold really fast,” she said.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor cats, veterinarians say it is best to keep them inside this time of the year.

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