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Residents shaken by Southington break-ins

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The holiday season is a time of giving, but for some it is a time of desperation.

Thieves have popped up around the state and and have even broken into homes.

Two happened in the same day in houses that were only within a few feet of each other.

Channel Three reporter Matthew Campbell spoke exclusively with a victim.

"They pushed the door in. I've never ever seen that before," the homeowner said.

Many are troubled by the break-ins, which all happened before sunset. The thieves targeted people who were not home. 

"They just kicked it in like it was nothing," he said.

His home on Frost Street was struck this week in the afternoon, during a brief period of time when no one was home.

The break-in occurred through the back. The homeowner said the thief burst through deadbolts.

"That's what they kicked in. The bar up there, they busted the whole thing," he said.

Police said the thief only got away with a jar full of change, but this homeowner said it was one he'd been collecting for decades in a huge glass jar. It was worth $4,000.

"I had it completely filled with quarters, nickels and dimes," the homeowner said.

After the break-in, the victim said it appears the suspect sped away so fast he left tire marks in the victim's driveway.

Police said a home on Mount Vernon Road was struck just hours later.

"I was talking to the cops when they got the call for over there," he said.

In that incident, the suspect got away with credit cards, jewelry, silverware and more change. The Frost Street homeowner said his sense of security has been shaken.

And he has taken action.

"I went out and bought that [surveillance system] and put it up around the yard. I didn't want to but we got to," said the homeowner.

Police have reminded residents to be watchful of their homes and neighbors. They should always keep the doors locked and keep an eye out for cars or people that seem out of the ordinary.

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