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Two days before Christmas, and all the shoppers were stirring

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With 48 hours before the holidays, shoppers are approaching the home stretch of the final shopping push at locations throughout Connecticut including Blue Back Square in West Hartford.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the mall,

Many shoppers were stirring, no time to waste at all.

Packages to be filled with last minute deals, and maybe something for themselves,

If it’s a good steal.

“I usually give gift cards and money,” said Marie Keane, a last-minute shopper.

Because there is Grandma, and Auntie, and a cousin or two –

Plenty of people who need something new.

“I have like a list of six things I need to get, so I am hoping to run through the stores and grab them and get home to wrap,” said Moriha Aronowitz, a last-minute shopper.

The shops are all hung with discounts galore, in hopes that those looking,

Will come in the store.

"Our holiday foods are up to 50 percent off, most of our holiday decorating is up to 50 percent off, lots of great deals,” said Crate and Barrel Manager, Hope Biggerstaff.

There is always the relative for whom shopping is hard – so for them, take the easy route, and

Get a gift card!

“I’m just getting her a gift card,” said Abby Wilcox.

And once you’re done shopping, having battled the crowds at the mall,

You can wish ‘Happy Holidays’ to you, one and all.