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PD: Waterbury man bludgeoned to death in bathroom shower stall

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A Waterbury man has been arrested in connection to the murder of a 59-year-old man on Tuesday afternoon. 

Officers discovered the body of a man suffering from “significant head trauma” in the shower stall of his second-floor apartment at 475 East Main St. around 2 p.m.

Police have identified the man as Luis Rodriguez, who was the tenant of the second floor apartment.

"Through information and evidence, we have developed a suspect in this case," Waterbury Police Deputy Chief Fernando Spagnolo said. 

Through the course of the investigation, police arrested 43-year-old Waterbury resident, Irving Duggans. Police believe Rodriguez and Duggans engaged in a fight, which ultimately led to Rodriguez's death. 

Duggans, who has an extensive criminal history, was charged with murder. But, investigators were still trying to piece together what led up to this incident. 

"As far as motive, and the extent of their relationship, that's all still under investigation right now," Spagnolo said. 

Dave DeLorenzo, who is the owner of Carmine's Cafe, said he opened his bar on Tuesday. He noticed the ceiling was leaking and there was about an inch of water on the floor. 

"I shut the water main off first and then called maintenance," DeLorenzo said. 

Building maintenance brought in the Waterbury Fire Department for help. When they went upstairs to check the apartment above the bar, police said the door to that unit was open and discovered a Rodriguez's body. 

DeLorenzo called Rodriguez "very soft spoken, very nice guy." 

"It's a shame it happened to him," DeLorenzo said. 

Joseph Petro, who has lived across the street from the bar for many years and who knows Rodriguez, said he was devastated to hear the news of his passing. 

"He was like a family person. If you needed a favor, he would help," Petro said. "He'd go to work, come home ...mind his own business, did his own thing."

For people, who live in the area, they said they never want to see this kind of violence right in their neighborhood. 

"Waterbury is a small community, so that happens here, affects everybody," Daniel Bryant, of Waterbury, said. 

Waterbury police maintained this is an active investigation and they're now asking anyone with information to come forward immediately. Anyone with information can call police at 203-574-6920. 

Duggans was arraigned at Waterbury Superior Court on Wednesday morning. Following his court appearance, he is being held on a $1.5 million bond. His next court appearance is Jan. 18. 

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