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Man belly flops onto police cruiser, shatters windshield

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(CNN/WBAY photo) (CNN/WBAY photo)

A new year's eve reveler in Wisconsin jumped on a police cruiser and landed in jail.

The 25-year-old suspect from Kimberly, WI was caught on dashcam belly-flopping on the squad car and breaking the windshield.

Menasha police were called to a disturbance near Oak Street and Nicolet Boulevard around midnight.

A man was reportedly fighting with people outside of a party.

"As the officer saw him, down the road from him, he stopped and turned on his spotlight," said Chief Time Styka, Menasha police. "[He] was beginning to exit his vehicle to make contact and as the video shows, the man came running right at the squad car and impacted the windshield."

Sprinting down the middle of the street, the man came at the stopped squad car and belly-flopped onto the windshield, shattering it.

He then proceeded to jump toward the roof of the car before getting into a tussle with officers.

"Afterward, he became very compliant, after the significant fight that took place trying to get him into custody," Styka said. "But at the hospital he gave a full statement and indicated that he had only been drinking alcohol and he was upset at a party that he was at and was upset with the people that were there."

Despite the impact and the shattered glass that still litters the car, neither the suspect nor the two officers who wrestled him to the ground were seriously hurt.

The man, however, found himself in the Winnebago County Jail waiting to be charged for the original fight and his drunken actions that left the mess.

"With the longer holiday weekend, we expect that the district attorney's office will make a decision on charges [Tuesday]," Styka said.

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