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1.12.16 Shrimp Moilee

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Shrimp Moilee

from Chef Prassad Chirnomula of INDIA Restaurant and Bar


Shrimp, peeled and devined (size 21/25)            2 lbs

Vegetable Oil                                                   2 table Spoons

Black Mustard Seeds                                       1/2 teaspoon

Ginger   (Peeled and finely chopped)                  1 teaspoon

Curry Leaves                                                    8 leaves

Red Onion (peeled and finely chopped)                1 large

Green chili (Serrano – stemmed and finely chopped)          ½ teaspoon

Kashmiri whole red chili                                        2 Pcs

Hing (Asafoetida)                                                ¼ teaspoon

Turmeric                                                             1/2 teaspoon

Salt                                                                     to taste

Coconut Milk                                                        2 Cups

Lemon Juice                                                        2 teaspoons


In a mixing bowl rub in 1 tea spoon of lemon juice, 1tea spoon of turmeric and a pinch of salt to the shrimp and set aside for five minutes. Heat oil in sauté pan, add mustard seeds and while they splatter add ginger, curry leaves, onion, red chilies, green chilies, hing and cook until soft and translucent, about five minutes. Add turmeric and salt, sauté for a minute. Now add shrimp and 2 cups of coconut milk and bring to boil and stir in 1 teaspoon lemon juice and remove from heat. Best eaten with steamed rice.

Spices and heath benefits

India is the prominent producer of a wide range of spices, herbs and oils. Spices and spice derivatives are also expanding their applications to industries such as pharmaceuticals, medicine, beverages, food processing and personal hygiene products) (The menu items are crafted well with the use of carefully selected spices at INDIA in West Hartford)

Health benefits of certain ingredients in this recipe:

Black Mustard Seeds – Mustard seeds are generally rich in minerals and a good source of Vitamin and anti-oxidants

Ginger – Ginger helps to relive common colds and also known for quick relieving effects on heartburn, upset stomach and morning sickness

Turmeric – Many studies have shown that turmeric helps prevent alzheimer’s desease and joint inflammation. It also helps in minimizing liver damages caused by excessive alcohol consumption. A warm glass of milk mixed with turmeric, ginger and a bit of honey helps fight cold and cough. It is also an antiseptic. (When I was a child these were common practices but now they are proven facts and more information is available in the Internet.)

Hing (Asafoetida) – This flavoring agent has a great natural benefit as it helps in digestion and is also useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders like cough, asthma and bronchitis and it has also been proven that is is useful in the treatment of health problems concerning women such as painful and excessive menstruation, also used in medicines because of its antibiotic properties.