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Family's dispute with school district continues

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An Eyewitness News exclusive that has been reported on for months continues to come with developments.

A family who thought they lived in Middlebury and moved there just for the schools learned their home was actually in Waterbury.

“It's a devastating loss. We lost our home. We had to move out of our home and move into a two-bedroom apartment,” said Heather Murray.

Sacrifices are being made after a year-long battle with the school district.

They were forced out of their home on Richardson Street, which straddled the Waterbury-Middlebury line, and the Murrays paid taxes to both towns, and after years of living there, the district recently realized the home itself was in Waterbury.

The Murrays fought the ruling and in September, moved to Foster Street, to ensure their son would stay in Region 15 as the saga played out.

The district tried to boot her children from school, and the state recently sided with the Region 15 school district, but as one saga ends, another begins.

Now the district is seeking back tuition. While they are well within their rights to do that, Eyewitness News was the one to drop the bombshell on the family.

“I have not received official documentation in the mail. I actually found this out from you,” Murray said.

The school’s Finance Director Keith McLiverty emailed Eyewitness News.

Since then, we reached out to the superintendent, the school's lawyer and McLiverty again, wanting to know how they came to this decision and how much money they're seeking, but haven't heard back from any of them.

As they pay a rent and a mortgage on the Richardson Street home, this is just another source of worry for the family, but one they say they were anticipating.

“Mr. McLiverty has threatened me from day one to come after me for back tuition,” Murray said. “I was just really hoping on the slight chance that it wouldn't because we've lost so much already. I don't know what they think they can gain by suing us, we have nothing to offer.”

The Murrays are still trying to sell or rent their Waterbury home.

The Department of Education is aware of Eyewitness News’ request to find out if there’s a history of districts suing for back tuition, and if there is, how much is usually sought.

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