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AAA offers driving tips ahead of icy conditions expected for Tuesday

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation spent Monday making plans to ensure the roads are as safe as possible for Tuesday, as some ice is expected.

On Monday, DOT trucks and equipment were ready to go.

The department’s spokesperson said they will pre-treat roads in any area expected to get freezing rain.

While the roads are pre-treated, icy conditions are difficult for any driver to deal with, so everyone should take precautions.

Just a little more than a week ago, more than 20 vehicles were involved in a massive pile-up on I-91 south in Middletown.

A relatively small patch of ice led to the initial wreck that triggered a chain reaction.

“We're really lucky that more people were not hurt more seriously when you look at what that crash scene could have been,” said AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter.

She said the collisions are an expensive reminder of just how dangerous driving in icy conditions can be.

“That crash on I-91 is just one example of how people really have to look out, not just in terms of their own driving but the driving of other people,” Parmenter said.

With slick conditions expected in some parts of the state on Tuesday, Parmenter believes it’s a good time for people to brush up on their icy driving skills, by slowing down and increasing your following distance.

“We say it over and over and over again, but drive defensively, slow down, assume that there is going to be ice out there,” Parmenter said.

If you do lose control, try not to panic and don't slam on the brakes.

The best advice about dealing with icy roads is simple...avoid them completely.

Parmenter also said drivers should be especially careful driving in areas where ice can linger, like bridges, overpasses, and shady spots.  

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