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CT rep. proposes legislation to end daylight saving time

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One state representative is looking into whether or not Connecticut should end daylight savings time. 

Rep. Kurt Vail (R-52) gave Eyewitness News an inside look at his proposed legislation.

"A constituent came to me in my district and said, ‘what can you do about daylight saving time so that we have more light in the afternoon as opposed to the morning in the winter hours,’” Vail said.

Vail proposed a bill this legislative session that would do away with the bi-annual time change altogether and have it be daylight saving time all year long in Connecticut.

"We have a budget deficit and a crumbling foundation problem in my district, which is where my focus is, but it was important enough to constituents,” Vail said.

Vail said he spoke with other people, who live in his district, and said they feel this additional hour of daylight in the afternoon would be a good thing.

Vail said not only could this be beneficial to peoples' mental health and help combat seasonal affective disorder. But, Vail said it would also give us more time to get more done, while the sun is still out.

"So there's a lot of benefits to it,” Vail said.

Connecticut wouldn't be the first state to make its own rules, when it comes to daylight saving time. Most of Arizona, parts of Indiana and Hawaii have ended daylight savings time. 

But, Vail added this proposal has come with some opposition.

"Other issues people raised were it would be really dark when kids are waiting for the bus,” Vail said.

Vail said they'll also be looking at what other states across the country are doing, especially since his district is near the Massachusetts border.

"There's a lot of avenues we can take,” Vail said.

People told Eyewitness News they understand these concerns, but when its dreary and dark during the winter months, they wouldn't mind the extra daylight.  

"I think it would be wonderful, especially for commuting purposes,” Barb Slopack, of Colchester, said.

"When you get out now, it's gloomy and dark out,” Jonathon Branch, of Hartford, said. “All you want to do is go home so getting rid of daylight saving time will make you feel better and make you more productive."

Vail said hopes this proposal will spark a conversation and hopes a public hearing can be held on the matter.

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