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Malloy: Trump address designed for supporters, not nation

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Gov. Dannel Malloy said Donald Trumps's speech was designed for supporters and not nation.  (WFSB file photo) Gov. Dannel Malloy said Donald Trumps's speech was designed for supporters and not nation. (WFSB file photo)

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says President Donald Trump's inaugural speech was designed for his supporters, not the entire country.

In attendance at Friday's ceremonies, the Democrat said the address was "a speech that was designed for, at best, 48 percent of the folks who voted" in the November election.

Malloy, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, tells The Associated Press he wants to work with the administration. He's urging the new Republican president to "stop being a candidate and become our president," which he says "means a heartfelt attempt to be the president for all."

An active supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton, Malloy was critical of Trump during the campaign. In turn, Trump called Malloy "a bad governor."

Malloy is participating in the Women's March in Hartford on Saturday.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal released a statement on Friday afternoon after he attended the inauguration. 

“The peaceful transition of power today is the hallmark of our democracy. This bedrock principle is greater than any single person who holds the office of President. A dedication to such core Constitutional principles commits me to continue to fight for what is right and necessary in the days ahead,” Blumenthal said.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy congratulated Trump on his inauguration and thanked former President Barack Obama "for his extraordinary eight years at the helm of our great nation." 

“I truly wish President Trump well, and I pledge to work with him if he chooses to chart a path that brings the country together and helps the people of Connecticut. No one should root for an American President to fail, and I will be there to work with him if he wishes to work with me. But President Trump's address sounded a lot like his campaign speeches, suggesting he is going to pursue the kind of hurtful and divisive policies that were the hallmark of his campaign. If he chooses this path, I will fight his agenda with every ounce of my being. Now, having been sworn in as President, the choice of which path his Administration follows is his and his alone. President Trump can extend a hand of cooperation and govern in a way that brings this country together, or he can be a President who purposely cuts this country in half. I pray that he chooses wisely," Murphy said in a statement on Friday afternoon. 

Murphy told Eyewitness News that while he disagrees with many of the president's views, he's willing to work with the incoming administration as long their agenda is one that will benefit Connecticut.

"If he wants to work on infrastructure, then boy, that's music to my ears," Murphy said. "But, I haven't seen anything realistic yet on either of those subjects that are going to be meaningful for Connecticut."

While some of his colleagues in congress boycotted the ceremony, Murphy said he respects the office and never considered staying home.

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