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Milford buckles down for incoming Nor’easter

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The shoreline is expected to feel the brunt of the storm making its way up the eastern seaboard early in the week.

Milford Mayor, Benjamin Blake spent most of his Sunday at City Hall, reaching out to other city officials and residents to make certain that everyone will be prepared for a nor’easter that is barreling up from the Deep South expected to hit Connecticut on Monday evening.

"We are hoping for the best, but we are preparing for the worst," said Mayor Blake.

The city has begun its preparations for the storm that will bring heavy rain, an icy mix, and high winds.

"We are a shoreline community,” said Mayor Blake. “We have the longest coastline in the state of Connecticut, 17 1/2 miles, so we have been in hit by big storms in the past and we are always prepared."

Preparations include a reverse 911 call to alert residents that Sunday is the day to prepare.

One resident, Bill Keeny is new to the Milford area, after relocating from Fairfield. Keeny told Eyewitness News he is taking all the precautions he can in the event of damaging winds and rain.

“Outdoor furniture is tied down, things outside aren't going to blow around, move the car away from the shore to get it away from some salt spray, but otherwise not too concerned," said Keeny.

Longtime Milford resident, Joe Liscinsky declared himself a “pro” at handling the hard-hitting weather. He said he learned his lessons in 2011 and 2012, with Irene and Sandy.

"Things have improved pretty much around here as far as the drainage,” said Liscinsky. “After the couple of hurricanes that we had in 2011 and 2012, it's not a big deal anymore, it's only a storm like that."

He told Eyewitness News that he made modifications to his home to better handle a storm, so he said he is ready for anything Mother Nature brings.

"I have gravel, so the runoff has some place to go, that's really the key, is make sure it has some place to go, instead of in your house."

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