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Windshield smashed by uncleared ice on I-84

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State police said falling ice from the roof of a car damaged this windshield on I-84. (State police photo) State police said falling ice from the roof of a car damaged this windshield on I-84. (State police photo)

State police took to social media on Wednesday to remind drivers to clear off ice and snow from the roofs of their vehicles.

Troopers posted a photo of a smashed windshield to Facebook. They said ice from a vehicle damaged it along Interstate 84 near Willington, but they did not specify where.

Check out more photos of the damage here.

"Please remember to remove the snow and ice from your entire vehicle, even the day after a storm," state police wrote. "Fortunately nobody was injured [Wednesday] morning when the windshield of this vehicle was smashed by a piece of ice that blew off the roof of the car in front of it on I-84."

An Enfield man was heading to work on Tuesday morning when he said an ice missile would cause severe damage to his SUV. 

"A sheet of ice that came off on the top of the car and just came flying up into the air and landing on the front windows," Shawn Pressey said. 

Pressey was with his mother in law, who was driving, along Interstate 91 north in Enfield around 8 a.m. when his car was struck by the ice missile. 

"I thought it would hit the car and just turn into powder but stood solid and shattered the window," Pressey said. 

His mother- in- law pulled over. They were able to get a partial license plate number, but Pressey said he realized he needed to go to the hospital. 

""[I] got a piece of glass in the corner of my eye and had to go to Urgent Care to get it checked out.," Pressey said. "I had a few scratches, but I'm OK." 

Connecticut State Police said if your vehicle was struck by an ice missile, the driver should pull over and call police. Then if possible, the driver was advised to give the police a license plate number and a description of the vehicle.

Connecticut State Police said they handed out four tickets on Tuesday to drivers. Fines for not clearing vehicle roofs or windshields range from $92 to $120. 

Some parts of the state saw 2.5 inches of sleet between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

For Pressey, he said he hopes after seeing this damage will make drivers take the time to clean off their cars, so others aren't a victim. 

"Thank God an incident like this didn't hurt us," Pressey said. 

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