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Hartford garages being targeted by thieves

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Residents are taking precautions after thieves are striking the area (WFSB) Residents are taking precautions after thieves are striking the area (WFSB)

Historic homes in Hartford's west end are being targeted by thieves, according to police.

Capitol City homeowners told Eyewitness News thieves struck during the sleet storm and stole the tools to clean it all up. The homeowners said they know people were creeping around their homes because they left tracks in the snow.

Hartford resident Bryan Hooper was shoveling slush on Wednesday because for the second time in the last three months, his shared snow blower was stolen from his home.

“In November, it was stolen out of their garage, a few houses down on the same street,” Hooper said. “We then replaced the snow blower, doing it again, thinking if we stored it on our garage, it would be a little safer.”

His garage was one of many here in the historic west end that were broken into over the last few days. Sean Rubin on Warrenton Avenue said thieves got into his garage and his neighbors said it happened to them too.

“Someone had broken into our garage by pushing in the window and were tampering around with someone of the things that were in there,” Rubin said.

Homeowners said they followed the footprints.

“We noticed other tracks with them climbing over to the other fence, where I believe they had taken a snow blower,” Rubin said.

Neighbors said the thief sniffed out at least two homes on Rodney Street before settling on Hooper's garage.

"We had a snow blower, so maybe we were last because they found what they were looking for,” Hooper said.

Police told Eyewitness News they are aware of the recent break-ins and neighbors have seen heightened patrols.

But for Lana Covilo, she said it's nothing new. Her Warrenton Avenue home now has this sign on the door after recent package thefts.

“People that happen to steal, who knows what kind of stuff they're into, but it does make you think, kind of shakes you up a little bit,” Covilo said.

In the meantime, neighbors said they were banding together, staying vigilant for each other, vowing not to let these experiences sour their community.

“I'm sorry this happened. I don't think it reflects on Hartford, it certainly doesn't reflect who Rodney Street is or the West End neighborhood,” Hooper said. “I just hope we can solve the problem.”  

Police are looking for leads and they are upping patrols here too. If you know anything, you're urged to call Hartford Police Department at 860-757-4000 or by clicking here.

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