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Cox Communications charging customers for internet overages

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One company is rolling out an overage fee for using Internet in your own home and the decision was not sitting well with Cox Communications customers in Connecticut.

Many Cox Communications customers told Eyewitness News they were stressed about cell phone data usage.

"You're always checking your gigabytes and making sure that you're not going over,” Gene Barrios, who is a Cox customer, said. “And that's why when you get to a Wi-Fi spot you're always on Wi-Fi, so you don't go over."

But, now when people turn on the Wi-Fi at home that may not eliminate Cox Communications customers’ overage issues. That's because Cox Communications will soon be charging customers who go over a data limit of one terabyte or 1,000 gigabytes.

"It kinda stinks to have to accept it just because we have no alternatives really,” Evan Doherty, who is a Cox customer, said.

"I think that's absolutely horrible and it looks like I'm going to be changing pretty soon,” Barrios said. 

Starting on Feb. 20, if a Cox Communications customer exceeds their monthly data plan, Cox will automatically provide additional blocks of data for $10 per 50 gigabytes. That would get a customer about 25 more hours of streaming high definition video.

"To know it’s the same with the cell phone and you really have to monitor what you're doing because if you go over, you don't just get charged more, it's usually a lot more,” Angela Piccoli, who is a Cox customer, said.

But, Cox said this will not impact 98 percent of its customers, only charging the heaviest internet users.

According to Cox's data usage calculator, a customer would have to stream nearly 500 hours of high definition video per month to go over.

As for the reason for this change, Cox officials said "two major trends are driving this change.  First, internet usage is doubling every two years and consumers are adding more and more devices to the home...Secondly, an overwhelming majority of data is consumed by a very small percentage of internet users."

But, some customers said they're fed up and refuse to be nickel and dimed.

"Feb 19th..yup...I'm gone,” Barrios said.  As soon as I get home, I'm giving them a call right now.  Absolutely."

Cox officials told Eyewitness News that many internet service providers are introducing similar data usage plans across the country.

Eyewitness News reached out to Comcast, Frontier and Charter. All three told Eyewitness News they have no data caps here in Connecticut.

To use the Cox's data usage calculator, click here

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