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East Hampton town facilities need additional repairs

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The East Hampton Police Department is in need of major repairs. (WFSB) The East Hampton Police Department is in need of major repairs. (WFSB)

The East Hampton town manager said Friday there are more aging problems at the East Hampton Municipal Complex.

Eyewitness News investigated problems in the East Hampton Police Department on Thursday.

Grey water flooded the basement floor and water was leaking from the roof.

Channel Three's Kevin Hogan spoke with town manager Michael Maniscalco, who revealed a host of other big ticket problems.

According to health officials, the town hall, which is joined with the police department, has unsafe drinking water..

The town hall also has a list of repairs that need to be made, including the heating and air unit in the town manager's office.

"They went and opened it up and said we can no longer get pieces for it," Maniscalco said.

Nearly every office in town hall has a separate unit besides the main boiler in the basement.

"We also have structural issues with the foundation, specifically up here in the front corner," Maniscalco said.

The walls are crashing because they believe the foundation is sinking.

There is also a gap in the front door because the wood still supporting the front wall is rotting.

Outside of the building, the steel rebar is exposed. 

Water is leaking between the police and town hall buildings where they are joined.

The town's planning office is also in need of help.

It was built as a temporary structure 30 years ago.

"The floor is sagging in there so they had to move filing cabinets off to the edges of the building so it doesn't collapse inward," Maniscalco said.

In the basement, there are more problems, including a leaky sewage pipe over critical data equipment.

Water pipe are over the very sensitive mainframe computer system.

Water sensors in the carpet alert staffers when water starts to leak from the foundation.

Town leaders said they need to quickly find a new five acre site and build a town hall and police department.

"I'm hoping we can fast track things to be honest with you. We need to move things along as quickly as we can if we're going to be able to maintain operations and continue services for our residents," Maniscalco said.

A town hall meeting will be held Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the process of making a new building.

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