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CT crews prepare for more snow this weekend

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Connecticut crews were preparing on Friday for more snow this weekend. (WFSB) Connecticut crews were preparing on Friday for more snow this weekend. (WFSB)

Connecticut business owners who make big money because of the winter weather were gearing up for another storm.  

While most people stayed inside during Blizzard Chris on Thursday, a group of men and women, who make their living one snow storm at a time, were right in the thick of it. 

“It was kind of call-to-call. It was a phone ringing, you'd get one guy unstuck and then the phone would ring again. You gotta another one to go do,’ John Guerrera, who owns Avenue Auto in Waterbury, said. “It was basically nonstop.”

Guerrera said it was “kind of fun.” 

“Everything you encounter is a little different one jobs not the same from the next,” Guerrera said. “So when you get the call and get out there, it's just something new every time.”

Guerrera said bad winters increase revenue with the towing portion of his business by as much as 40 percent. 

“It's definitely green at times,white gold,” Guerrera said.  

Francis Palladino owns a Waterbury landscaping business, Palladino Real Estate Management, and his plow truck means he also works long, but lucrative hours when it snows. 

“It was absolutely crazy,” Palladino said.

On Friday, both Guerrera and Palladino were trying to take it easy. They said they were worn down from Blizzard Chris on Thursday. With another storm on the horizon, they said they'll need every ounce of energy.

“If you're over exhausted you can't be on your game and make sure that you get the people unstuck and keep going about your day,” Guerrera said.

Even though snow means more money in their bank accounts john and francis admit the latest forecast doesn't exactly fire them up.

“I was devastated. I didn't want any part of it,” Palladino said. “I was like no I wish I was in Florida.”

Both Guerrera and Palladino also stressed that winter weather is dangerous for them even with their large trucks.  So if you have to be on the roads on this weekend, they stressed to make sure you give emergency crews plenty of space to work.

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