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Connecticut restaurants join 'Day without immigrants' protest

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Wood 'n Tap restaurants in Connecticut joined a national 'Day without immigrants' movement on Thursday. (WFSB photo) Wood 'n Tap restaurants in Connecticut joined a national 'Day without immigrants' movement on Thursday. (WFSB photo)

Connecticut restaurants joined a national movement against the president's immigration stance.

Wood 'n Tap restaurants in Wallingford and Rocky Hill have said they closed on Thursday in solidarity with the "Day without immigrants" protest.

A sign was on the door in Wallingford confirmed the closure of the franchise's location.

"We will be closed today in solidarity for the Spanish community," it read.

A letter from Hartford Restaurant Group, which owns Wood 'n Tap, said "It is our primary goal to ensure each guest’s experience is of the highest quality and standards. We support our staff member’s freedom of expression and have decided to close all Hartford Restaurant Group locations today. (with the exception of any previously booked events) We have welcomed our staff to report at their scheduled time for a day of organization and cleaning. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you on your next visit."

Restaurants and businesses across the country urged each other to shut down on Thursday.

Wallingford has a sizable Latino community. As for the this "Day without Immigrants," it spread pretty quickly through social media and word of mouth.

At Taqueria El Amigo, the lights were off and a sign on the door let customers know they were closed on Thursday "in support and solidarity of all immigrants in this country." 

They weren't the only ones in Wallingford staying home for the day. At Rivas Meat Market and Rivas Taqueria, the open sign remained off on Thursday.

"They work the holidays, Christmas, and they decided to close today to support the community,” Leticia Rodriguez, of Wallingford, said.

Rodriguez's husband's family owns the market and restaurant on South Colony Street.

"The Latino community does the job nobody wants to do.  They work in the field,” Rodriguez said. “I used to live in California and I have family work in the field, its hard work, nobody wants to do it, low paid, still do it, need to support their family."

The day without immigrants called for participants to skip work and school, close businesses and avoid buying things. The goal is to highlight the contributions of immigrants to the country.

President Donald Trump's immigration reforms have included a travel ban, which was recently rejected by a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

"They pay taxes. They give back to the local community,” Julia Fullick-Jagiela, who is an assistant professor at Quinnipiac University, said. “They volunteer; they attend our schools."

Fullick-Jagiela said in the Greater New Haven area, one in eight residents is foreign born.

"We're seeing the largest closures in big cities like Washington DC, LA, have restaurants across the board closing and it’s not just foreign owned business,” Fullick-Jagiela said. “It’s also individuals that really want to support their employees and show solidarity that they embrace immigrants, the back bone of our country."

Restaurants and businesses that honored the "Day without Immigrants" will be back open on Friday. 

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