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Gov. Malloy tours XL Center in Hartford to highlight need for renovations

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If we don't rebuild it, we should close it.

That's what Governor Malloy is saying about Hartford's XL Center.

The arena, which was built in the 1970's, is in bad shape.

The governor is proposing $250 million for renovations.

But opponents said the city can't afford it.

Channel 3's Susan Raff spoke with local leaders who are trying to save the old Civic Center.

The building itself is okay, but the infrastructure is not.

$250 million is a lot, but a new building would cost three times that.

Governor Malloy took a tour of Hartford's XL Center.

He got to see first hand old, worn out pipes which are leaking.

There are also major problems with air conditioning and heating.

It's a decades old area that's losing money because it's not so attractive for many venues.

The governor says $250 million will get the XL center back in the game.

"At times on the ice we have had ponds instead of ice, which makes the facility less than desirable for play," said Malloy.

The push to rebuild the XL Center has been on-going, but new interest was recently sparked by the idea the NY Islanders may be interested in relocating here.

The governor says the team and other are waiting to see what Connecticut plans to do.

"We can't keep saying because we have it we are going to pump money into it forever," said Sen. Joe Markley of Southington.

It may be a tough sell, but the Governor is already making a push for hockey and concertgoers. The scoreboard highlights investment for the future.

"Yes we would still like to see if the nhl or a new owner of  a team may want to play in this facility but that's separate from what we need to do to maintain UCONN hockey, to maintain women [and] UCONN men's teams and fill itself up with other attractions," said Malloy.

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