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State, defense rest their cases in Moreno trial

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Tony Moreno took the stand in court again on Friday. (WFSB file) Tony Moreno took the stand in court again on Friday. (WFSB file)

An emotional day five in the murder trial of a father accused of killing his own son as he took the stand once again on Friday.

On Friday, defendant Tony Moreno described what he said were the final moments of his seven-month old baby's before being cross-examined by the state.

The day started with the defense asking for Eyewitness News cameras to be removed from the courtroom saying it was making it more difficult for Moreno to testify. That motion was denied by the judge and Moreno once again took the stand.

"I started freaking out,” Moreno said.

When asked what that meant, Moreno said he it was all an accident.

“I dropped to the ground and I was having a little difficulty breathing,” Moreno, who was gasping for air, said.

In court, Moreno told jurors he only wanted to kill himself on July 5, 2015 and never meant for his baby boy Aaden to fall from the Arrigoni Bridge.

 "He slipped,” Moreno said. “Into the water."

But prosecutors were quick to try to poke holes in that explanation. They wanted to know why Moreno brought his son to the bridge that night in the first place and why he took him to the edge of the railing as shown in this demonstration. They also wanted to know why he never tried to save his baby's life.

The prosecution asked if it was no accident that Moreno never called 911 was it.

“It wasn't my first thought,” Moreno said

“Your son falls into the river and your first thought was I have to jump in to save him,” the prosecution said. “That wasn't your first thought either was it?”

No, I was trying to figure out what just happened,” Moreno said

Moments later, Moreno tossed himself over the bridge and 100 feet into the Connecticut River, but survived.

The defense was maintaining the now 23-year-old only meant to kill himself that night after battling depression and heartbroken over a relationship that had recently ended with Aaden's mother.

"Did you mean for your son to go in the water,” Norm Pattis, who is the defense lawyer for Moreno, said.  

“No,” Moreno said. 

“Did you throw him into the water,” Pattis said.    

“No,” Moreno said.  

“Did you drop him in the water,” Pattis said.    

“No,” Moreno said.  

Both the state and the defense rested their cases on Friday. Closing arguments were scheduled for Tuesday.

If convicted, Moreno faces 70 years in prison.

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