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Petition calls for Enfield BOE chair to resign

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A petition is circulating among Enfield parents, who are calling for the chair of the board of education to resign because of what they’re calling a string of insensitive posts on his Facebook page.

Parents feel the chair should be setting a better example for the students and should, at the very least, apologize for the posts.

But the chair contends this is purely political, and isn't an accurate representation of who he is or the work he's done.

It was back in the beginning of February that Marcy Taliceo saw some of the Facebook posts made by Enfield’s Board of Education Chairman Tom Sirard, and felt she needed to speak up.

"At that point, I sent a letter to the Board of Education to address the concerns of the parents that were rallying regarding these posts,” Taliceo said.

Sirard has been on the Board of Education for several years.

In a letter, Marcy called for his resignation after she says Sirard made insensitive, divisive comments on this social media account.

One post said “Welcome to the USA. Press one for English. Press two to disconnect until you learn to speak English.”

"It is wrong, and it's about time we all stand up and do what's right. We're a community and we need to lead the right way. If he can do it, what stops our children our teachers our administration,” said parent Elizabeth Davis.

"You can think whatever you want, but sometimes things should not be said. Whether you feel them or not. And when you're a board chair, overseeing our children's education, it's wrong,” said parent Gina Sullivan.

Parents are signing a petition calling for Sirard to resign, and they're hoping the rest of the board will listen to their concerns.

Over the phone, Sirard admitted to making those posts, but says this is purely political, and these attacks stem from the reorganization of the Nathan Hale School in town.

He contends the Board of Education has made great strides in recent years, and this, in no way, reflects who he is.

There will be a special meeting Tuesday night where several grievances will be heard in regards to Sirard.

There will be no public comment but parents will be there with signs, and will be able to voice their concerns at the next meeting in March.

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