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Phishing scam hits Connecticut school district, again

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Days after a phishing scam hit Groton Public Schools, sensitive tax information may have been compromised for workers in Glastonbury's public school district.

Alan Bookman, superintendent of Glastonbury schools, says personal information including names, addresses and social security numbers could have been exposed as part of a W-2 phishing scam. Bookman said a payroll employee in the town's school district received an email from who she thought was a fellow payroll 

"She did it," Bookman said. "She sent it and then she went to the person and said, 'did you request this information' and the answer was 'no, I did not.'"

A letter sent to workers says as many as 1,600 workers could be affected except for food service personnel. Bookman said he has notified authorities and the district has arranged two years of credit monitoring for all employees along with identity theft protection.

"Our concern is the amount of upset and inconvenience it's going to cause for our staff members," Bookman said.

Officials say a phishing scam last week compromised tax information for all 1,300 employees with Groton Public Schools. The Groton School District said someone pretending to be the superintendent sent an email to the business office requesting information on personnel W-2 forms.

While the manager of the business office in Groton was placed on leave, Dr. Bookman wouldn't discuss what will happen in Glastonbury.

"Quite frankly if there's any disciplinary action of an employee, we would not be talking about it to anyone," Bookman said. "That's just between us and them."

The Glastonbury Police Department told Eyewitness News they're investigating with other agencies to identify the source of the scam. They're advising anyone who may be affected to file their taxes as soon as possible.

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