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Doctors say spring allergies are already showing up

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Spring allergies are already popping up (WFSB) Spring allergies are already popping up (WFSB)

An early dose of spring leads to a tough break for allergy sufferers.

Doctors said seasonal sicknesses are already here, but there are ways to help you be on the mend.

Dr. Kevin McGrath, an allergist at St. Francis Hospital, said spring allergy season is hitting about three weeks early and is already intense, following what may be a trend.

“There are some studies coming out showing we are getting high pollen counts the last few years it seems to get bigger each year,” McGrath said.

Anyone who thinks the bouts of wet weather is helping, should think again. That may only help rid pollen.

“Wet weather always makes the molds grow, we always have molds 9 to 10 months of the year until the ground of frozen and snowed over,” McGrath said.

That’s just the beginning.

“So we're seeing a lot of typical symptoms. Sneezing itching, congestion, post nasal drip, itchy eyes, watery eyes,” McGrath added.

Little Meadow Sobolow is just 2 years old and gets terrible seasonal allergies in the spring.

Those allergies began several weeks back when the state was seeing record heat.

“She has allergy shiners when the warm she's get a little cough, the eyes would get a little darker, so it's definitely picked up,” said her mom Shannon Sobolow.

While adults can often take allergy medicine or injections, Meadow is too young so they're trying to form a plan for her, like keeping the house clean, keeping dust mites away, and some light medication.

Some of Dr. McGrath’s advice beyond the doctor's visit is:

  • Wash hair after dry days to remove pollen 
  • Not using fans
  • Keeping windows closed 
  • Don't hang laundry outside

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