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3.10.17 Vegetarian Smoked Onion and Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

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Vegetarian Smoked Onion and Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

From Chef Jay Lewis


1 pound of fresh cauliflower

8 ounces of diced white onion

4 ounces of vegan egg substitute

1 tablespoon of Chef Jay's Hickory Smoked Salt

6 ounces of shredded vegan cheese

This is a GREAT recipe for all of my vegan friends out there.

Here are the very simple steps:

1.            Put the cauliflower crowns in a blender and blend until about the the appearance of dry oatmeal

2.            add in the diced onions and Chef Jay's Hickory Smoked Salt and blend to mix all ingredients(3-5 seconds)

3.            Add blended ingredients to a mixing bowl with vegan egg substitute and mix well using a spoon or whisk

4.            Pre-heat a frying pan to medium heat and add a small amount of non-dairy butter

5.            Using a spoon, place two tablespoons of the cauliflower mix onto the frying pan and spread it out to bread size squares

6.            Allow the cauliflower mix to brown on both sides(about 3 minutes per side)

7.            Add a generous amount of vegan shredded cheese to the center of one piece of cauliflower and place the other piece of cauliflower on top to make the sandwich

8.            turn the heat to low and allow the cheese to melt. Flip the sandwich so that it browns evenly on both sides

The sandwich can be removed from the heat once the vegan cheese has a good melt on it. The smokey aroma with fill the kitchen and have your brunch guests migrating to the stovetop to figure out what exactly is smelling so amazing! I like to serve this slice on a bias with a side of sweet potato fries or a light garden salad!