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Things to do on your blizzard day off!

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Katie bummed out about not chasing her tennis ball today! (Mark Walsh) Katie bummed out about not chasing her tennis ball today! (Mark Walsh)

Yup, it’s a blizzard out there! Day off from work? Kids home from school? Wondering what to do? Well we have compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do (with kids, or without) when you’re cooped up in the house!

-Make a fun breakfast! It’s the perfect time to stay in your jammies, and whip up some chocolate chip pancakes, or test a new crepe recipe, or just make a good old fashioned omelet!

-Build a snowman or snow-woman! Grab some cool accessories you don’t use anymore and build a few snow men and women. The whole family could get in on this and it's a good opportunity to get fashionably creative!

-Play dress up! Grab the kids and go through your closet. You can be productive with this too and use it as an opportunity to make a pile of clothes you’re looking to donate or get rid of too, just in time for spring!

-Make snow ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially when you can make it yourself with the abundance of snow falling outside your window! Check out the recipe here.

-Have a game day! Dig out those board games, or card games, and have a day full of playing games. Or, you could even come up with a brand new game!

-Decorate for St. Patrick’s Day! Who cares if you aren’t Irish! Use this day off to decorate!

-Have a cookie bake-off! Do you have leftover cookie making supplies from the holidays? Use them to test out some new recipes on your snow day! Have a neighbor be the judge of the best ones!

-Make get-well cards for your local nursing home! The patients will LOVE IT, and your kids will enjoy it too!

-Snowball fight! That's a staple in most households when it snows! A fun snowball fight is the perfect activity to do on a snow day!

-Watch April the giraffe! She could give birth at any moment! Watch here.

For those who don’t have children at home… we have some ideas for you too!

-Read a book! Because, we always say we want more time to just sit and read. Here it is!

-Do your taxes! Yes, you still have time… but the deadline is fast approaching! (April 18)

-Have a spa day! This isn’t only for the ladies either... Turn your bathroom into a spa getaway, without getting away!

-After the spa, take a nap! Again, because you don’t always have to be productive on a snow day off from work!

-Clean out your closets… because they won’t clean out themselves! Get your closet ready for spring, by going through all of those winter clothes and putting them away. We're hoping spring is right around the corner!

-Binge watch your favorite TV show, or a new one! Because, why not?

-Play in the snow! Yes, you can do that! Grab a group of your friends and head outside and enjoy!

-Work out... but make it fun! Do some new yoga poses, or use different household items to incorporate into your workout, like a chair or stool!

-Cook or bake! Dust off one of your old cook books, turn to a random page, and try some new recipes!

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