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Chimney cleaners are busy ahead of Blizzard Eugene

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Last-minute phone calls have been coming into chimney service companies ahead of Blizzard Eugene.

Some customers fear they’ll lose heat or power during the storm, and they’ll need to rely on their fireplaces to keep warm.

David Lamb has been the owner and president of Northeastern Chimney in West Hartford for more than 30 years.

He says they've received multiple phone calls ahead of Blizzard Eugene, from folks worried they'll lose heat during the storm.

"In the fall, we're usually booked out three to four weeks. This time of year, it’s a week or two,” Lamb said.

He said they're trying to get to as many people as possible. "But unfortunately, we're not going to get to all of them,” Lamb said.

He added that chimneys should be inspected yearly and serviced as-needed, no matter if your fireplace is fueled by gas, oil, wood or pellets.

Lamb said if you haven't had it checked out yet this season, it has been used repeatedly, and you plan to cozy-up the fire on Tuesday, "it's probably a good idea not to use it."

Just in the last few weeks, Battalion Chief William Kall of the West Hartford Fire Department said they've responded to several chimney fires.

"It could be clogged, the flu could be shut. If you don't use caution with that, you could have a problem. Not only with a chimney fire, but also carbon monoxide,” Kall said.

If you do lose heat or power, Kall said there are other ways to keep you or your family warm during Blizzard Eugene. You can use proper space heaters, blankets and extra clothing.

Above all, Kall says it’s important to remember "just like you use caution when cooking on your stove, use caution when you're using your wood burning stove or fireplace."

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