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Blizzard Eugene impacting cities snow budgets

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All across the state, it's all hands on deck for Blizzard Eugene.

The storm is pushing cities and towns to the brink, as many are on the verge of exceeding their snow budgets this year.

For the most part, Bristol’s mayor says it's been a relatively normal winter.

Hours before the violent winds and furious flakes start to fall, Mayor Ken Cockayne said his public works crews in Bristol were already gearing up.

“This storm, all hands on deck,” he said.

With the duration of the storm expected to last more than 10 hours, crews will be working non-stop, salting and plowing roads.

“We've notified our water department, parks department, all their trucks are being used,” he said.

Each second they're out spreading the salt and pushing the plows, it's costs the city, spreading them thin.

“We budget about $1.2 million for snow and we've exhausted a little over $800,000,” Cockayne said.

It's still uncertain if Blizzard Eugene will break Bristol’s bank, but even if it surpasses the $1.2 million budgeted this winter, Cockayne says there's a special rainy day fund, like there are in many cities, made for situations just like these. Bristol's hasn't been tapped in a while.

“Three years ago, we got slammed that year. We were $500,000 or $600,000 over the budget that year,” Cockayne said.

Residents are grateful for the help. They say roads are cleared faster than in other towns.

“I lived down on the coast for most of my younger years and coming up here I find the roads a lot better than when I was on the coast,” said Rand Corbo, of Terryville.

“They do a good job keeping the roads clear. The main arteries and the smaller ones, but the main ones they want to keep open so they can get up to the hospital,” said Sam Alkas, of Bristol.

The mayor asks that residents be patient. Given the magnitude, he expects the entire city to be clean in about a week

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