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Police remind drivers to clean snow, ice off cars

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A woman is okay after ice missiles broke through her windshield on Wednesday (WFSB) A woman is okay after ice missiles broke through her windshield on Wednesday (WFSB)

The state pretty much went back to normal on Wednesday after Storm Eugene dumped several inches of snow across the state on Tuesday.

Many people hit the roads Wednesday morning to get to work, but drivers were reminded that they needed to fully clean the snow and ice off their vehicles before venturing out on the roads.

On Wednesday, a woman named Catherine was driving along I-91 south in Hartford when she got hit by an ice missile.

“Ice fell off of a truck and struck her windshield, and the ice went through her windshield and she got hit by the glass shards,” said CT State Trooper Eric Verno.

Fortunately Catherine will be okay, but her ordeal is happening all too often this afternoon.

“We had a few accidents today more than a few accidents today just from not clearing off the top of your windshield, or the top of your roof,” Verno said.

Trooper Verno estimates there have been more than 20 cases where flying ice has damaged another car, and after being out on patrol with him for a few minutes it's easy to see how it happens.

Verno handed out a $120 ticket to a driver near the Hartford Wethersfield line.  

“We're just looking out for everybody's safety that's all...and travel safely,” Verno said.

An issue that plow drivers said they had been dealing with is when people snowblow or shovel access snow into the street. They said that just adds to the cleanup effort.

State police said they responded to more than 900 calls for service statewide during the storm on Tuesday.

They said Gov. Dannel Malloy's travel ban helped reduce the number of crashes and spinouts.

Troopers reported 40 crashes without injuries and only one with a minor injury.

They also handed out 56 infractions for violators of the ban. The fine was $92.

Wednesday, state police said they would be ticketing drivers who do not clear off their vehicles. Failing to do so could result in more than $200 in fines. 

AAA said Eugene kept their crews quiet. All day on Tuesday, AAA crews only responded to about 350 calls while by 9 a.m. on Wednesday, they have been called to more than 100 calls in the Greater Hartford area. 

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