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Ice, heavy snow make storm cleanup more than a hassle

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Even if drivers cleared off their vehicles on Tuesday night, they needed to break out the ice scraper on Wednesday morning.

It's just another aftereffect of storm Eugene.

Henry Hornat, of Hartford, said he has been at it with the snow blower all morning. While some areas have been easy to clear, others are proving a bit more difficult.

Some of the snow he had to clear was hard enough on which to stand.

"I think I'll be able to pick away at it," Hornat said. "It might cost me a couple shear pins, but we'll get it done."

The storm left a glaze of ice on not only the roads, but vehicle windshields as well.

A father and son in Hartford said they were surprised to find how much ice accumulated on their vehicles overnight, despite clearing them after the storm.

"I didn't realize it was going to be this frozen," said Tommie Brown of Hartford. "I've never seen it this frozen before. I had to use a shovel to get the ice off of the glass."

Brown said spring couldn't come fast enough.

"I've been out here scraping a good half hour," he said. "My fingers are frozen, my toes are frozen and I was supposed to be at work a half hour ago."

Hartford schools, like a number of school systems, is closed for the day.

That's where a number of people left their vehicles during Hartford's parking ban.

Police reminded those drivers that not only do they have to scrape off their windshield, but their trunk, roof and hood as well.

Violators could face a fine, thanks to the state's so-called 'ice missile' law.

Firefighters are asking residents around the state to clear the areas around their hydrants. 

See the complete list here.

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