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CT drivers upset about emissions tests late fees

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There is a $20 fee for an emissions test in Connecticut. (WFSB) There is a $20 fee for an emissions test in Connecticut. (WFSB)

Many Connecticut residents were slapped with late fee from the Department of Transportation. 

There is a $20 fee for an emissions test in Connecticut, but there is another $20 fee if you did not get it in time. However, several said they were not reminded about when the emissions test was due. Eyewitness News did some digging to show into why people are getting these notices now. 

Willimantic resident Margaret Phane said she recently took her truck in for emissions testing.  

"I just did it, just a little while ago," Phane said. 

Phane said she showed Eyewitness News the paperwork from the state's DMV. 

"We didn't get a late fee because I bought the truck, so had to get the emissions done to get it registered," Phane said. 

To find out when the next test is due, Connecticut residents usually get a reminder through the mail. But, some people told Eyewitness News they've accidentally thrown it out because they thought it was junk mail.   

Some Connecticut residents might remember that the state used to place a sticker on your front windshield and it would show the date of the next emissions test.  However, the state stopped that practice many years ago. 

"It always told you when your truck and car was registered," Phane said. "And now it's like whoa, it's like all of a sudden." 

Eyewitness News reached out to the DMV to get answers. DMV officials said they delayed late notices because of a data issue.

"DMV started sending emissions late fee notices to customers who were not billed since August 12, 2015. A customer will get a bill for each late vehicle, regardless of whether they still own it. The bill is based on ownership at the time the emissions test was due. State law requires the billing for being late," the DMV said in a statement to Eyewitness News. 

Emissions testing is required on 2013 vehicles and older, every two years. If a Connecticut resident has new car or a motorcycle, that person doesn't have to get it tested. 

The DMV has a company mail out postcards 45 days in advance of when the emissions test is due and they said the reminders aren't late. 

Connecticut residents can also see when their emissions test is due by checking right online. If a Connecticut driver is past the due date, that resident can pay the late fee online, in a branch or through the mail. 

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