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Gov. shares resources for families concerned about being deported

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Gov. Dannel Malloy. (WFSB photo) Gov. Dannel Malloy. (WFSB photo)

Connecticut's governor released a few resources for families worried about immigration enforcement.

On Wednesday, Gov. Dannel Malloy said his office put together an online "toolkit" of information about state agencies in order to help people have a plan in place to care for children or anyone else should they be detained or deported.

He called it the Family Preparedness Plan.

“We want to make sure that people have a plan in place should immigration action separate their families,” Malloy said. “It is estimated that there are around 22,000 U.S. citizen children of undocumented immigrant parents living in Connecticut. I strongly encourage anyone with these kinds of concerns to utilize this toolkit, fill out the forms, and have a plan in place.”

If undocumented parents are deported and those children enter foster care, the cost to the state is estimated to exceed $630 million.

“If even just some of the children of undocumented immigrants are forced into state care as a result of being deprived of their parents or caretakers, the emotional toll on the children will be egregious,” said Joette Katz, Connecticut Department of Children and Families commissioner. “The most important thing for a parent to do right now is to identify whom they want to care for their children and to talk to their children to ensure them they will be taken care of well.”

Malloy said the plan includes information on steps people can take on their own without the help of an attorney and includes forms and documents that families can fill out and store in a safe place where they can be accessed if needed.

The plan also includes information on where to find immigration legal assistance and guidance on how to avoid immigration scams.

To check it out, click here.

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