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Neighbors of Muslim woman call smashed mailbox hate crime

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A woman's mailbox was smashed in Marlborough (WFSB) A woman's mailbox was smashed in Marlborough (WFSB)

A Muslim woman says she watched in horror as a car purposely plowed through her mailbox in Marlborough.

Since the crash, the woman's neighbors have taken to social media to question whether she was the target of Islamaphobia.

Channel Three's Erin Connolly looked into the issue and spoke with the victim in an exclusive interview.

Yaasmeen Cook still can't believe what happened around 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

"I was looking out my window and I heard music...very loud music...and I saw a car lined up with it and then as I was looking it just slowly moved down my mailbox and then backed up and then sped off down the street,"  Cook said. 

The mother of two said it seemed like whoever was in the car actually waited for her to look out the window before mowing over her mailbox.

Making matters even worse, she had just fixed it after a snow plow knocked it over a few weeks ago.

"I was pretty angry because I wouldn't do that to someone else...and I didn't understand why someone would do it," Cook said.

But some of Cook's neighbors think it may be because of her religious beliefs and they made their voices heard through Facebook.

"Pretty disappointing someone smashed our neighbor's mailbox last night. I find it hardly coincidental it was the only one smashed and they're the only Muslims. Whoever did it should have spent that time fixing their own problems, rather than making problems for someone else," Mark Schomer wrote on the site.

Cook said she won't go as far as calling this a hate crime just yet because police are working out if that's the case.

She said whoever did it needs to realize what they did was wrong, no matter the reason.

"This is a severe impact to my family having to replace a mailbox...and I'm sure someone who does that isn't thinking about that but it's a hardship," Cook said.

State police are continuing to investigate. So far, no arrests have been made.

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