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Vernon mother says bullying complaints fall on deaf ears

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Rockville High School. (WFSB file photo) Rockville High School. (WFSB file photo)

A mother in Vernon said she is upset that not enough has been done to combat a bullying problem at a high school in town.

Lavonda Spence said she had to personally escort her 14-year-old daughter to Rockville High School on Monday morning.

"It sucks when your daughter is begging you the night before that she don't want to go to school," Spence said.

Spence said she's had to take safety measures into her own hands.

She said the bullying has been an ongoing issue since February.

Spence said her daughter received verbal threats of violence from another 14-year-old girl at the school.

Police confirmed that Spence made a report on Feb. 7 to put the bullying on record and it was referred for mediation.

Despite dealing with the school resource officer and assistant principal, Spence said the problem continued.

"I've been up there numerous times to let them know my concerns and I'm like 'how many times are you going to pull me as well as my child and these other two girls who are the issue into a conference room to try to get stuff resolved when you see it's not working,'" she said. "Now it's escalating outside of school grounds."

Spence said on Friday, a friend of one of the alleged bullies threatened her daughter on the bus ride home.

"She told my daughter she would drag her up and down the street and you know, fight," she said.

Spence was then contacted by the assistant principal and a meeting was scheduled for Monday morning. Spence finally got to meet the principal.

Eyewitness News reached out superintendent of schools Joseph McCary, to find out if perhaps not enough had been previously done.

He said he could not comment on the specifics due to privacy laws and the ages of the students involved.

He provided a statement.

"We want to create a school environment that is conducive to learning to all students," McCary said. "There are avenues for the parent to pursue within our organization to ensure accountability."

Spence said she is hopeful that the district will try to resolve the situation; however, she said she makes no apology for keeping her daughter out of school on six separate occasions.

"If my child is not safe at school, the best thing is to keep her home where I know she's safe until this gets resolved," Spence said. "It's sad. Why should she be robbed of her education because of other kids and what they're doing."

Spence claimed that when she arrived at school on Monday morning, she met two other mothers who were also there to complain about the same alleged bullies.

The district could not confirm or deny those allegations.

McCary told Eyewitness News that if the matters are brought before him, everyone involved will work to rectify the issue.

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