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Waterbury police alert residents of tire thefts

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Tires are being stolen from cars in Waterbury (WFSB) Tires are being stolen from cars in Waterbury (WFSB)

Car tires are being stolen from homes in Waterbury, and police are telling others to be on alert.

Brea Brouillard said she woke up one day last month to find her car on top of milk crates. They had replaced her tires.

"A month ago, I was getting ready for work, my neighbor called and asked if I knew my car was on milk crates, which I didn't and sure enough we went out and it was on milk crates,” Brouillard said.

Ray Carlo had the same issue in January.

"They took the tires off of it I couldn't believe it,” Carlo said.

Both neighbors said this happened during the overnight hours while they were sleeping.

A local tire shop said they’ve seen the impact.

"A lot of people coming into the shop to buy tires some really expensive,” Gilberto Rodriguez said.

He said the tools thieves are using must be quiet.

Residents like Brouillard and Carlo said they believe their surveillance was blocked and they’ve seen their tires for sale online.

The difficulty, however, is proving it.

"There's no identifying marks that come from the manufacturer on rims so we encourage people to if they have an opportunity to make some sort of identifying mark on the rim,” said Deputy Police Chief Frank Spagnolo.

And as far as surveillance cameras being jammed, Spagnolo said “It's not something that we're familiar with and it's certainly not something that we believe is in this area."

Insurance has covered the majority of their costs, and they’ve put wheel locks on their cars.

Neighbors said they are formulating a neighborhood watch.

State minimum auto insurance coverage doesn't cover any stolen tires or rims but comprehensive coverage may, so check your policy and don't hesitate to call the police department if your tires are stolen.

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