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Quick warm-up is impacting allergy sufferers

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Tuesday’s 80-degree weather is a welcomed relief from the cooler temperatures and rainy days of last week, but spring allergies are already kicking into gear.

As the temperatures go up, so do pollen counts with the new buds popping open.

"Mostly it's the itchy eyes, the sneezing,” said Delia Mancuso, of Rocky Hill.

The pesky spring symptoms are springing early in Connecticut.

"A lot of it is really relatable to the fact that it went from being winter to almost summer in a week-and-a-half, combined with the high rains and that really kind of brought everything out to the fore,” said Dr. Ian Tucker, vice president of Medical Affairs of Johnson Memorial Hospital.

He said lately they’ve been seeing a ton of patients complaining about their allergies.

He says avoiding the outdoors is the best way to combat the issue, but realizing that's impractical, he says heading to your nearest drug store may help.

"There are some wonderful over the counter things you can do — Claritin, Loratadine are all available over the counter very cheaply. Those medications are very safe,” Tucker said.

He added that this year seems worse compared to other years, and that’s something allergy sufferers agree with.

"Actually, almost through the winter I’ve had problems...any time there was a warm day it seemed like I had a problem,” Mancuso said.

"It's not uncommon in New England. This is what we get and this is what we deal with,” Tucker said.

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