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Parents say school isn't doing enough to combat bullying

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Anthony Martin loves learning, but dreads going to school. (WFSB) Anthony Martin loves learning, but dreads going to school. (WFSB)

A Hartford boy says bullies have made his life at school very difficult, but after an extensive investigation, the district says they don't have enough evidence to do anything about it.

The Martin family said they are disappointed in the Batchelder School’s investigation.

They said they will now be going to the police, in a desperate attempt to protect their 11-year-old son Anthony.

He loves learning, but dreads going to school.

“Because these bullies. I don't want to go to school because of them,” Anthony Martin said.

The bullying started about a year ago. He said it has gotten worse, and said bullies have spit on him and hit him, even causing marks and bruises.

Last week, Anthony’s parents met with the school principal, who promised to investigate.

"I was extremely angry. I was hurt, I was really overwhelmed. It was really every emotion you can think of in one," said Anthony's mom Miosotis Ocasio.

On Wednesday, Anthony’s dad Michael Martin returned to discuss the results of the investigation, but he left even more upset than when he’d arrived.

“He handed me this piece of paper with basically three sentences on it saying there is no proof, there is no bullying,” Michael Martin said.

In a letter to Anthony’s parents, Batchelder Principal Paul Casey wrote “As you know, I conducted an investigation and was unable to verify that Anthony was being bullied, as defined by the law.”

By law in Connecticut, bullying is the repeated physical, verbal, or electronic harassment of another student. 

Casey also stressed that the school has resources to make Anthony feel safe and supported, but Anthony says it’s little consolation. He says the results of the investigation feel like another punch to the back of the head.

A district spokesperson told Eyewitness News they spoke with every teacher and student involved, but it is still unclear exactly why the district decided they didn't have any evidence of bullying.

The family says they are going to the police next.

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