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Hundreds gather for the “Tax Day" protest in Hartford

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Hundreds of people took to the State Capital building in Hartford to protest President Trump’s decision to withhold his tax reform information.

Holding signs that read ‘what are you hiding?’ and ‘we the people demand the truth,’ organizers of the rally of the steps told Eyewitness News that they feel ‘the American people have been left in the dark,’ and they deserve the same level of transparency as President Trump’s democrat and republican predecessors.

"If he has nothing to hide, he should show them to us," said protester Holly Gray. “He keeps flip-flopping all the time. And because he's done a lot of business deals that have gone south, and I don't think we the people trust him."

The protest on the State Capital steps mirrored protests in nearly 150 cities across the nation on the traditional day to file income taxes – April 15th.

Senator Richard Blumenthal joined the protestors on the sunny Saturday afternoon, he said, “Every president has done it before, that's why there's this outpouring and energy across the country, because Donald Trump has failed that basic duty to disclose his tax returns."

However, President Trump, during his campaign said, he did not release his taxes because he was being audited.

"I will release my taxes return, against my lawyers wishes, once she releases her 30-thousand e-mails that have been deleted."

Later, President Trump deflected, saying voters do not care, but polls show otherwise – with up to 74 percent of Americans in favor of seeing the returns.

Now, Democrats are pushing for a vote on the bill, which would require the President and all major party nominees to publicly disclose their previous three years of tax returns.

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