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Knitted knockers help breast cancer patients

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Knitted knockers are creating ways to give extra care to patients. (WFSB) Knitted knockers are creating ways to give extra care to patients. (WFSB)

A group of women at a Connecticut hospital are reaching out to those affected by the deadly disease of the breast cancer.

“We’ve worked together for a long, long time,” Pam Whittemore, who is a mammographer and radiology manager at Middlesex Hospital’s Malborough Medical Center, said.

For decades, these mammographers at Middlesex Hospital’s Marlborough Medical Center have been helping women through their toughest health battles.

“We have devoted much of our careers to patients and women’s breast health,” Whittemore said.

Now, they’re devoting their personal time as well. The women are making what they call knitted knockers, which breast cancer patients can wear. 

“They’re able to put these in their bra if they’ve had a mastectomy if they’ve had a lumpectomy,” Whittemore said.

Breast cancer patients can use them in place of a prosthetic, which can be heavy and uncomfortable. They are making them in all different sizes, but users can take out some of the stuffing to make sure it fits.

“We’ll be able to provide comfort and support to a lot of women who are in need,” Whittemore said.

For Whittemore, it’s also personal.

“My mother was diagnosed in 2002 with invasive breast cancer. At the time, she had a radical mastectomy,” Whittemore said. “The only solution that I could find at the time was to roll up a pair of boys athletic socks and put it in her bra, which really wasn’t the best solution.”

Now, a better solution has turned into a labor of love. Knitted knockers is a national charity that has enlisted helping hands across the country. 

In just a couple of weeks, the ladies have already made a couple dozen and women are already waiting for them.

“Every one of these is made with love and every time I made one I thought of my mom,” Whittemore said.

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