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Coyote population becoming a concern in New London

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Police are warning residents about coyotes in the area (iwitness) Police are warning residents about coyotes in the area (iwitness)

Police in New London are mounting a new awareness campaign as concerns over coyotes have been raised.

Dennis and Connie Long take daily walks with their dogs in the Glenwood Avenue neighborhood of New London.

However, they were greeted by a coyote last Saturday as they ventured out on their walk.

"All of a sudden, boom. This one the hair goes up off on her back like a stegosaurus. And she lets out a bark,” said Dennis Long.

With more and more coyote sightings in the southern section of New London just south of Mitchell Park, police are warning residents to be on alert for coyotes.

New London police are initiating an informational campaign with posters and word of mouth, that coyotes are not to be toyed with, and not to leave pet food outside.

"Coyotes basically feed on small animals and if they are out there they are looking for a small animal if you're walking your dog it’s a small dog, it may be looking at that dog as its next meal,” said New London Deputy Police Chief Peter Reichard.

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, coyotes will establish themselves in urban areas, not just rural ones.

"We do encourage people to aggressively start harassing coyotes away from their yards. This situation in New London may be, I hate to say it, too late for that. Coyotes have established a pattern,” said Chris Vann, a wildlife biologist.

Last year, a neighbor claims a coyote took her pet Chihuahua.

In about two weeks, New London police will sort of deputize students from Benny Dover Middle School to help place coyote posters and spread the word.

DEEP experts said to yell and scream as a way to harass the coyote, as that will scare them away.

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