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CT Republicans release budget proposal with no tax increases

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Connecticut lawmakers to continue to work on the state budget on Thursday. (WFSB) Connecticut lawmakers to continue to work on the state budget on Thursday. (WFSB)

Republicans and Democrats are clashing over whose budget is better and which one will fix billions of dollars of red ink without raising taxes. Meanwhile, time is running out and the state deficit continues to explode.

Republican Party shared its budget proposal on Thursday, which they hope will lay the foundation for negotiations.

"They sit back and make ridiculous comments every day," Republican Senate Leader Len Fasano said. "[Let's] get back to work, put out a budget, let's meant it."

Fasano blasted Democrats for calling their plan half-baked and said they spend too much time tweeting and not enough time getting down to business.

The GOP has now released their budget on Thursday afternoon. Republicans said their plan does not include tax increases, focuses on government's core functions, has no highway tools, establish a spending cap and include no income tax hike. Their proposal has $300 million in less spending than the governor"s budget and includes roughly 400 million in union concessions. 

The Connecticut GOP Senate leader calls revenue a moving target. 

"We have to stick to the facts, stick to the policies and decide what to do to move the state forward,” Republican Minority Leader Themis Klarides said.

On Tuesday there was a meltdown. The appropriations committee failed to vote on a budget, almost unheard of.  Both sides blaming each other.

The only civil moment seems to be coming from the House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said.   

"There's a budget problem. Our finances are not the best,” Aresimowicz said. “Revenues are falling as we speak, but as long as we enter into negotiations with an open mind we will be fine."

The governor's budget relies on $65 million in cigarette taxes and 400 million in pension sharing from cities and towns as well as union concessions.

There are a few bills that would increase taxes, a hike in the sales tax and the state income tax.

"When you raise taxes you do more than sending a bad message, you send a bill to the people of Connecticut,” Brian Flaherty with CBIA said.

Right now, those tax proposals are just that and are not in either the governor's or the republican's budgets.

Gov. Dannel Malloy is calling on both parties to meet with him next week.  

To see the full proposal by the Connecticut Republicans, click here

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