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Parents fuming about the possibility of sports cuts in Southington

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Southington sports could be impacted by budget (WFSB) Southington sports could be impacted by budget (WFSB)

Parents in Southington are desperately trying to save the district's middle school sports program.

Education leaders met Thursday night to speak to parents and students about the cost-cutting plan.

The move could save the district $120,000 during this budget crisis. Critics said if the ax falls, kids would lose something priceless.

Matthew Morgan is a middle school athlete on both the Kennedy Middle School basketball and soccer teams in Southington.

He is not on board with the proposed cuts. "It's a really important program to me because I was there after school every day for the last six months. It would be a shame to lose it for all that hard work," explained Matthew Morgan.

Southington superintendent Tim Connellan said he understands why students like Matt are so passionate. 

Connellan stressed that no decision have been made, but the district's bottom line is shrinking.

"Honestly, It's about tough choices. That is what it's all about because if it's not middle school sports, it's going to have to be something else," said Tim Connellan.

The slashing is necessary because the state is reducing Southington's funding by about $500,000.

Connellan explained that he appreciates the passion, but some programs will have to go.

"We would love to be able to offer all of those things. No one wants to cut anything, but these are some of the options that need to be on the table."

Matthew Morgan just hopes his soccer and basketball teams survive because he said an important part of his education happens on the court.

"I've learned a lot of life lessons like time management like when to get my homework done and when to go to practices. I've also learned to be responsible by keeping my grades up because if I have to in order to stay on the team," said Morgan.

Parent and students also complained that a popular world language program would be cut. 

A final decision will be made sometime next month.

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