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Columbia man cited after killing mother fox

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A Columbia woman is desperately trying to save some baby foxes. (WFSB) A Columbia woman is desperately trying to save some baby foxes. (WFSB)

A Connecticut woman is desperately trying to save some baby foxes after she said a neighbor shot and killed their mother.

“I was very upset that somebody would come onto someone else's property and start shooting, especially without looking to see if anybody was in the way the fire,” Columbia resident Carol Williamson said.

Williamson was tending to her garden at her home on Gaulan Road on Thursday when she heard two gunshots, very close by. Williamson said she looked up and couldn’t believe her eyes as a young man was in her backyard with a red fox in his hands.  

“He said, well this fox has been killing my chickens,’” Williamson said. “And I said ‘how do you know it was this fox.’ and he said ‘I don't know but foxes kill chickens and we have chickens.’"

Williamson said it was “very, very heartbreaking to see” the mother fox dead. Williamson said it was clear the female fox had recently given birth. 

"And to know that she had babies, that's even the worst part of it,” Williamson said. “There are little creatures that are suffering in there."

Williamson said she took the fox from the man and called the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association also help to Williamson and the fox.

“I have paper towels stuffed in the holes loosely and flour sprinkled around each hole to see if he comes tonight to feed the babies,” Diane Honer, who is with the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabiliators Association, said. “I will put up wildlife cameras to see if the kits are coming up to the opening of the holes and we'll be able to see how old they are and if they are old enough to survive on their own."

Honer said they have been searching six holes for the foxes the past few days and time is of the essence.

"Very critical, they could slowly and painfully be starving and dehydrating to death,” Honer said.

Honer said if they find them in time, they will take them into rehab, bottle feed them till the babies are old enough to be released back into the wild. In the meantime, she has advice for anyone that comes in contact with wildlife they consider a nuisance.

"We would be glad to work with anyone,” Honer said. “The best is to let them be, they move on, within a certain period, usually three to four weeks. They will just move on and go about their wildlife ways."

Honer said they are hoping the cameras will give them a better idea where the babies are. Honer added it is not currently hunting season, and that young man was issued several citations for killing the fox.

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