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Lawn mower repair business is booming

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Pests are making a mess of lawn mowers (WFSB) Pests are making a mess of lawn mowers (WFSB)

If your lawn mower isn’t starting, it’s probably the same reason your snow blower didn't start last winter. 

There's either old fuel or nesting mice, and that is a potentially explosive problem for homeowners.

Mice have taken up residence in the engine of one of Tony Gargano’s late model lawn mowers.

"They chewed up the pre-filter for the air filter you can see the green foam, this guy decided to eat the coil wire,” Gargano said.

They've insulated themselves from the outside world, packing combustible leaves and debris, which will ignite when the engine overheated.

"Luckily the customer brought it in because as packed as this is, the machine will not cool properly and guaranteed this will overheat catch fire or blow an engine,” said Gargano, of Gano’s Power Equipment.

Employees at Gano’s Power Equipment are working late into the night to catch up on fixing mowers that have failed because of rodent damage, or owners who've left old fuel in the tank.

Gargano says now is the time to properly store your snow blower so you don't face the same starting challenge next winter

"The number one problem we have in our shop is bad fuel or unstabilized fuel. The best thing you can do with your snow blower, right now, or any piece of equipment you're putting away is to properly stabilize the fuel or drain the fuel out and use ethanol free fuel,” Gargano said.

A stabilizer product protects the fuel system for months on end.

If you don't want to use the stabilizer, you can use a new product which is a straight fuel.

You have to make sure your engines are clear, and there is no fuel in it.

Not properly storing your equipment for whatever season it is, and clearing out unwanted pests, can cause damage that will set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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